Who is 15min Mom?

Meet the face behind the concept

If you’re looking for gourmet recipes, meals to impress or amazing culinary skills, you are in the wrong place!

15min Mom is about making delicious, quick & easy recipes that are all mainly low-carb, mostly gluten-free and generally Vegan & Vegetarian with the odd eggetarian options.

The concept lies in cooking meals in 15 minutes which is only possible through kitchen prep, tricks and hacks which I share on Instagram and YouTube as well as here on my blog.

Gosh! Recipe & Content Creation
Recipe & Content development for GOSH! foods

I work with various food brands, kitchen brands and kitchen gadget & utensil companies to create content, recipes and social media campaigns; these include GOSH!, Mr. Organic, Smart Choice, Kühn Rikon, Full Green, Kallo, Kenex, ASDA, Gail’s Bakery and many more…

I’m not an amazing cook and far from being a chef but I am a creative and a scientist so creating recipes comes to me like a kitchen-sink science experiment. My recipes are ideal for students, young professionals, couples, parents and other professionals that want to cook their own meals at home. You don’t need to be proficient in the kitchen to be able to make my 15min recipes so I hope you can give them a try!

What’s in the pipeline?

Is tinned food good for you?
Which tinned food brands are the best in the market?

15min Mom is currently creating a whole series on “Food Science” bringing you information that is essential for your daily choices in ingredients, foods off the shelf and foods to consume.

Have you often wondered if tinned food is better than packeted, or if frozen is better than fresh, is cling film safe in the microwave or foil safe to use in the oven? What’s healthier, white rice or brown?, What’s the difference between the various sweeteners?,… and what’s the best oil to use for cooking? These and many more food science topics on YouTube now!

Who is 15min Mom?

Who is 15min Mom?

My name is Kripa, I’m a busy professional with 3 young children living the hustle-bustle life the city of London has to offer. My origins are Indian (Gujarati) & was born and brought up in Portugal. I have an MSc in Organic Chemistry, a nutrition course and currently studying ‘Science & Cooking’ with Harvard University. As my day job, I run an Interior Design Consultancy so you can gather I’ve got my hands pretty full! I love cooking but I love creating. My recipes are somewhat unique in the sense that traditional recipes are given a fusion twist & of course made much easier and user friendly. Let’s put it this way, my husband & my kids can follow my recipes so that means anyone can!

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